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She closed her eyes, scrunched up her lips.


She was not going to give Him the satisfaction.


She was busy, dammit.


Ow. Shit, that one hurt. A small moan leaked out from the corner of her mouth.


oh. OH…


The response wasn’t confined to her poor aching nipple anymore. She felt the throb between her thighs a moment after her nipple was hit.  She slid off the chair, and knelt between His feet. Head bowed, wrists behind her back, she knew her place.

His taste, His skin, His hard need slid across her open, wanton lips. She wanted Him in her mouth, but He was playful today. Again He painted her lips with precum, teasing her with the taste of His essence. He stepped away, and her eyes opened, begging Him silently for more.




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There was little  sound in the room. Curtains were pulled sharply taut, blacking out the world beyond, and encasing them in near silence.

On the bed, Amanda lay, wrists bound and secured to the headboard. Her eyes followed him around the room, watchful. The gag between her teeth kept her mostly silent, until he swatted her exposed flesh with his toy of the moment. Discarded on her dresser was a thin, short rod of bamboo cane, a tiny flogger, and a comb. Red marks adorned her body where each toy had kissed her.  Her ankles, widespread, were tied to  a long pole, which was currently fastened to her footboard.

A sharp crack filled the room, and she arched, fighting the bonds that held her accessible and open.

“The brush is such a delightful toy, my dear, and yours is especially delightful. The back is broad and covers a lot of real estate on every single swat. And the front is equally blessed,” He paused, spun the handle, and struck her  with the brush side, “with a plethora of  bristles for maximum impact.”

He watched her, almost detached, as she wriggled and tugged. The sounds coming from behind the gag might have been a semblance of words, but were too muffled to tell for certain.

His fingers slid into her cleft, and wiped the wetness there up to her belly. “You fight and moan and whimper so prettily…but your pussy tells me that under all the protests….is a wanton, craven slut. One who enjoys every morsel that is being fed to her.”

Her eyes widened. Just barely met and already he knew.

The whimper in her throat was fear, but not of him, not now, but of the beast he had set free in her.


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She slid down his body like water. Hot, liquid, clinging to him as if her life depended on it. He felt her wetness as her leg wrapped around his, her cunt pressing against his hip, then the long, sticky smear of her juice as she went down, rubbing her need on his thigh.

His hand rested on the top of her head as she sat, the apex of her thighs pressed against his ankle, her cheek against his knee.

Her hand wrapped around his shaft, as his cock sprang away from the nest of curling dark hairs, jutting out into the room, scenting the pussy that had slid past.

Her eyes asked a silent question, and he nodded his assent.

His moan filled the room as her mouth slid like hot silk over his cockhead, lipping at it gently, then sucking firmly. No words were exchanged, only the sounds of sucking, and male bliss.  As his balls boiled, his hands gripped her head, fisting in her long mane of hair, and forcing her head faster, deeper onto his stiff rod, until she swallowed the whole length of him, gagging.

Her throat convulsing against his turgid cock pushed him over the edge, and his dick jolted as his come exploded up his pole, and into the depths of her mouth.

He held her head there for a moment longer, his knees weak, as she slipped her tongue under the head of his shaft, and sucked deep and hard, drawing out the last drops of his semen. Her eyes flashes with a secret triumph as he released her, allowing her to touch her most needy pussy.

He slipped to the floor beside her, spent, and watched as she slipped her fingers into her weeping cunt, and came beside him.

Day One

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Well, we all start somewhere, and today is the start for me. Starting to spread my wings, get some stories out there and published, and do some exploring of my writing here as well.

hmmm….wonder if that is a warning in general…or just the “stay tuned for sexy stuff” that I’d originally intended.


where to from here?

Sexy tales to be spun?


Quirky stories with lotsa heat?

Most definitely.

If only there was a magic potion with “time” to be spun…I’ll have to work on that one! Hope you come back soon…because before this first week is over, I’ll have a sexy tale up for your amusement…and whatever!